Experts: From Racing team to Application

Boris Schneider loves tight curves and fast straight lines. We were able to entice the race enthusiast and expert in drive and control technology away from the race track to join our application team.

Boris Schneider was a member of the S3 racing team - and thus a part of the successful racing team of Uni Siegen at the Formula Student Championship. Boris Schneider studied electrical engineering in Siegen, specialising in automation. KEB has been supporting the S3 team since 2013, mainly with COMBIVERT F5 frequency converters for the power train of the race cars. We also maintain a close engineering partnership with the eTechnology Power Train group in the S3 team. Boris Schneider was part of that group with responsibility for the parameterisation and programming of the controls and drives. What prompted Boris Schneider to join KEB? Our success is also based on our team, and our decision-making and solution processes are similarly short and rapid - although probably with fewer curves.