COMBIVERT System V - 1000 kVA Plug and Play

Quadrant Drive System

keb_system_V_open.jpgKEB: Interior view of System V

Statement of task:  

Drawing up to 1000 kVA drive power from the grid, with the capability to also feed energy back into it as a generator.

The solution:

the fully-equipped liquid-cooled four-quadrant Drive Controller KEB COMBIVERT System V.
Active front-end technology ensures virtually circuit feedback-free sinusoidal power consumption and a cosPhi ≅ 1.

On the output side, the system powers all current common motor/generator technologies with up to 1000 kVA or 820 A, with synchronous and asynchronous control methods. 

The technical heart of the V system consists of the 4Q Drive Controller,  freely-programmable PLC, HMI operator terminal; grid measuring devices and remote maintenance router. They offer virtually unlimited programming and operating options according to application.
The compact design of the System V with a structural width of 1400mm and structural height of 1800/2000mm can be upgraded with a sinusoidal filter module and busbar connection.

COMBIVERT System V is of modular mechanical design, with the option of lateral and top extension. This can consist of special network connections, supply from the top or fitting with additional switching elements and fuses. The optional sinusoidal filter is fitted on the right as part of the cabinet as shown in the picture below, or the space can alternatively also be used for braking resistors. The mains or intermediate circuit voltage distribution for further units can be fitted in a top extension unit on the cabinet.
The main modules and components with power losses are liquid-cooled, other losses in the switch cabinet are incorporated in an air/water heat exchanger - all of this together provides the basis for optimized spatial arrangements.

This climatised unit does not require any air exchange with the environment. The safety rating of IP54 stated in the standard can be upgraded with additional measures to IP67K.
A particular feature is the AFE (active front end) design of the mains supply side. The energy recovery property described in regard to generator operation, the sinusoidal power consumption and approximate equality active current, ensures optimum conditions for the feed system. Compared to the conventional B6 input circuits, there are no high surge currents, so that transformers connected upstream and the supply lines can be significantly smaller. There are in some cases no additional costs required for apparent power. There is virtually no grid interference with the sinusoidal EMC filter. In use there is a constant DC link voltage available over a wide input voltage range of 400/690 V AC, with the consequent potential for optimizing connected motors.

The control design with Soft-PLC, touch-screen terminal and remote maintenance router is designed as standard for flexible handling of different applications. In addition to display, fieldbus connection and remote control/remote monitoring tasks, there is a wide range of programming options up to emulation of the system to be replaced as well as implementation of safety functions.
System V also offers a wide range of uses, from conventional drive tasks (pumps, fans, shredders, presses, drills.) to test stands, reactive power compensation systems, through to power supply systems feeding into the grid.

We will be pleased to configure together with you system options tailored to meet your requirements and provide support in programming and commissioning.

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