• The C6 HMI-LC combines everything in one device - "all-in-one" being the directive in this case.

    Visualisation, PLC function and remote maintenance

  • In combination with the synchronous servomotors of the DL3 series, available in six sizes and three lengths each, COMBIVERT S6 services nominal torques from 0.5 Nm to 25.0 Nm.

    In the system - the new DL3 motors - high dynamics, best overload

  • Servotechnology in book format. Small and highly integrated - universal and multifunctional.

    Drive Controller KEB COMBIVERT S6 jetzt bis 5,5 kW -

  • The C6 SMART, the definition of compact control. Today's modular machine concepts require distributed and decentralized architectures.

    IPC technology at the I/O clamp -

  • The KEB C6 Router connects your service centre to the world. The diagnosis of functions, adjustments to special regional features, preventative maintenance or updating and start-up of software ...

    Remote maintenance -

  • Boris Schneider loves tight curves and fast straight lines. We were able to entice the race enthusiast and expert in drive and control technology away from the race track to join our application team.

    Experts: From Racing team to Application