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  • The compact IPC with modular EtherCAT I/O system for automating...

    C6 SMART – IPC technology on the DIN rail

  • KEB presents a new generation of IPCs that provide additional opportunities with its advanced computing power towards motion control and human-machine interface.

    The new C6 Industrial PC series

  • – Pitch drives in wind turbines –

    TÜV functional safety certificate for COMBIVERT P6

  • Fail-safe brakes are considered indispensable for positioning – as well as holding brakes such as from servo motors – and from medical technology.

    Fail-safe brakes COMBISTOP

  • The frequency inverter KEB P6, originally developed for wind energy, is used in the LTW Carry floor track system on a self-propelled load transporter in the stacker crane area. This transports ...

    With COMBIVERT P6 - engergised through the switches

  • Demand for the secure connection and holding of individual device functions is also growing in the field of medical technology!

    Spring-operated brakes in C-arm X-ray units

  • Quality is a key factor in the decision to purchase a product, and is also the guarantee for a long-term customer-supplier relationship that is beneficial to both parties.

    Fully automated production / the new KEB Automotive production line

  • CEI 0-21 V2:2013-12 certification.

    2015: KEB RNE System has received

  • Temperature-dependent signals, e.g. in electric motors or process flows, are securely and routinely recorded with KTY sensors.

    Optional assembly for KTY analysis

  • compact servo system up to 30Nm. After introducing the first frame size with application dedicated power parts from 0.75 up to 2.2 kW the second frame size with 90mm width will be introduced beginning ...

    Introducing 2nd frame size COMBIVERT S6 –