KEB brakes in lift engineering

Use in lift engineering sets particular requirements for service brakes in terms of operating safety, torque performance, mechanics and wear reserve, as described in accordance with EN 81-1 Section 12.4.2.

COMBISTOP L provides the solution to this task profile.


Contact for Magnet Technology

KEB Automation KG
+49 (0) 5263 401-0


Catalogs (1)
Manuals (6)
  • Manual F5 Elevator V1.72 Rev.1D (en, pdf, 03.09.2017, 1,000 KB)
  • Manual F5 Elevator V2.2 Rev.1D (en, pdf, 2 MB)
  • Manual F5 Elevator V3.21 Rev.01 (en, pdf, 21.02.2017, 3 MB)
  • Quick start F5 Elevator V1.72 Rev.1B (en, pdf, 03.09.2017, 607 KB)
  • Quick start F5 Elevator V3.00 v3.00 (en, pdf, 03.09.2017, 1 MB)
  • installation manual elevator drive f5 Pre-series available by sales support (en, pdf, 26.06.2017, 5 MB)