Supply/Regen Solutions

Supply and Regeneration systems

In addition to motor movement adapted to process variables, generator loading cycles also frequently occur with electric drives, where the energy is often "heated" in ballast circuits. 

KEB supply and regeneration systems offer energy-optimized solutions for power compensation within a system or direct regeneration of excess power in the supplying network.

COMBIVERT R6 – provides industrial network power regeneration in intermittent duty, typically installed as a single-axis system or in parallel connection with a regeneration choke or harmonic filters, implemented technically with block  modulation and available for outputs of 11 kW to 900 kW.

AFE Solutions – provide sinusoidal network supply and network regeneration with "PFC" (power factor correction) and internal voltage boost converter. They can be used in temporary or continuous network supply and regeneration. For output up to 100kVA certification to CEI-0-21 is available.


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