Drive Controller COMBIVERT

Long-term solutions with COMBIVERT

A market success for 15 years, with more than 1.5 million drive shafts installed in a wide range of applications, high-performance, reliable, tried and tested, thanks to constant technical further development, with the latest microcontrollers and power electronics.

The COMBIVERT F5, the latest range, is an established, sound basis with unique functionalities.

COMBIVERT G6 systems are tailored to the specific properties required for encoder-less tasks.

COMBIVERT S6 / F6 system generation

The KEB S6/F6 generation incorporates new mechanical designs to meet comprehensive requirements in terms of function, communication and integrated safety.

We now refer to these as drive controllers, although they do in fact incorporate the functions of conventional controlled and regulated frequency inverters in one unit for asynchronous machines, dynamic servo-controllers and high-efficiency encoder-less control processes for these such as SCL and ASCL, in short, ALL-IN-ONE solutions.

COMBIVERT S6 utilizes the power range up to 5.5 kW.

The COMBIVERT F6 model range is designed to meet performance range requirements over 5.5 kW.

keb_combivert_f5.jpgCOMBIVERT F5
keb_combivert_g6.jpgCOMBIVERT G6
keb_combivert_s6_housing2_4.jpgCOMBIVERT S6
keb_combivert_f6_2.jpgCOMBIVERT F6

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