Safety PLC & Safety I/O

Safety functions in innovative industrial installations


These will continue to become increasingly important in the future in order to ensure the highest possible safety standards for man and machine. This means that with new machine generations there will be increasing emphasis on flexible programming of additional safety functions in order to remain competitive in the future-orientated market. 

KEB has taken up this challenge and devised an innovative solution with the safety PLC as safety controller and the safety I/O module, which can also be incorporated in an existing EtherCAT structure. Communication is via the existing EtherCAT bus with certified safety protocol FSoE (Fail-Safe-over-EtherCAT). With the safety PLC (FSoE-Master) any number of FSoE-Slaves (e.g. safety I/O module, KEB drive controller with safety module) can be addressed. 

The freely programmable safety PLC and the safety I/O module comply with the requirements of safety standards according to IEC 61508 SIL 3 and DIN EN ISO 13849-1 Ple. The safety PLC is programmed with the COMBIVIS studio 6 programming tools, in which certified safety function elements are incorporated. For the user this means reduced design costs and minimized testing and acceptance of the safety application produced.