The C6 Router is a specially developed VPN router used for the remote maintenance of industrial machines and controls on far-off locations.

KEB distinguishes between 2 hardware and 2 software versions. Beside the one hardware version with direct hardwired internet connection via the WAN port, a second optional version with GSM mobile phone standard is available. This ensures a high level of independence at customer sites to access the web.

The KEB router series E1/M1 are solely designed for remote maintenance. They allow access to Ethernet and serial communication based devices, down to the subnet level. With the implemented visualization software, the KEB C6 E2/M2 router series offers a strong benefit. The full unique functionality of KEB COMBIVIS studio HMI can be used. Functions like data logger, alarm management, analysis of usage and utilization as well as SMS or Email messages in case of service demand are only a small scope of services available for the user of the KEB C6 router series E2/M2.

Furthermore, the KEB C6 router family is completely hardware independent and can be used with any third party controls without restrictions. Thanks to the high variety of communication drivers, the visualization link to third party controllers becomes a routine task.

keb_c6_router_e1_m1.jpgRouter E1/M1
C6 Router E2/M2C6 Router E2/M2