I/O System

Modular I/O-System


Whether analog or digital, the recording and output of signals from a decentralized installation requires a suitable means of signal transmission. The KEB I/O system is based on the fast and economical Ethernet hardware with EtherCAT protocol standard on every module. EtherCAT provides the system with tried and tested real-time communication to every component.

KEB’s remote I/O system is made with a 25 mm aluminum frame to meet the highest requirements in EMC resistance and provide high packing density.

The efficient plug-in design of the I/O modules enables fast assembly, easy connection, and easy exchange of units on a standard 35 mm DIN rail. The spring-loaded connectors offer vibration resistance and the ability to remove the unit without special tools. Optional shield clamps are available to ensure proper grounding and provide strain relief to the connection lines.

With the KEB Remote I/O system you will be able to achieve high-performance decentralized I/O for any modular machine system.

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