I/O System

Modular I/O-System


Whether analogue or digital, recording and output of signals in the periphery of an installation requires decentralization of the connection system and a suitable means of signal transmission to central intelligence. 

The KEB I/O system is based on economically optimized Ethernet hardware, with EtherCAT standard protocol  providing the tried and tested properties of real-time communication to each individual element of the entry/output level.

The plug-in modular system is mechanically assembled in a standard 25 mm aluminium frame and meets the highest requirements in EMC resistance, also offering high packing density. 

The efficient plug-in technique of the different modules enables fast assembly, extension or exchange of standard exchange on standard 35 mm DIN rails. The spring-loaded plug-in connectors afford high port density and vibration resistance, with dismantling by a simple lever mechanism for release without special tooling. 

Optional shield clamps with options of 1x14 mm and 2x8 mm ensure good earthing and strain relief of connection lines. With the KEB I/O system you will find a high performance basis for decentralized I/O connection in modular-design machine systems.

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