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Multi-Axis System Solution KEB COMBIVERT H6

KEB COMBIVERT H6 is a modular drive system for synchronous- and asynchronous motors up to 160 kW with DC coupling of links. It implements a universal system for the simplest applications such as u/f controlled ASM all the way to sophisticated NC axes.

All axis modules have been designed with an identical compact installation height of 400 mm and 200 mm module depth for space-optimised system integration. Designed for variable centralised cooling concepts based on water or air.

Drive module:

  • Single axis and double axis modules from 0.75 kW up to 160 kW.
  • Standard design with future-proof fast EtherCAT fieldbus as system bus
  • Two-channel multi encoder interface for all conventional sensor systems, incremental TTL sinus/cosines, resolver, EnDat, Hiperface, BISS, ...
  • Scalable security technology can be integrated, e.g. Safety Module Type1 with STO and SBC according to IEC 61800_5-2. Corresponds with requirements pursuant to SIL3 (IEC 61508 and IEC 62061) and Performance-Level e (ISO 13849-1).
  • Standardised control via drive profiles according to CiA402 (IEC 61800-7)
    Profile Position Mode
    Velocity Mode
    Homing Mode
    Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode
    Cyclic synchronous Velocity Mode

Supply module:

  • Scalable performance for supplying the H6 multi-axis system.
  • Feed via B6 rectifiers
  • Supply module with semi-controlled rectifier bridge and integrated brake chopper
  • Feed and feedback feed as AFE - Active Front End with matching loading unit and AFE filter
  • Sinus-shaped energy intake and recovery of the highest quality THD (i) < 3.5%
  • Closed-loop DC link for constant control performance also with variable and highly fluctuating mains conditions
  • Adjustable DC link voltage provides optimised drive configuration

Control module:

  • Decentralised automation in system with freely programmable IEC-61131 control unit in 50 mm compact format
  • Real-time fieldbus master for H6 EtherCAT system bus
  • Optionally integrable fieldbus gateway to master controls, e.g. Profibus, CAN, ..
  • Integrated 24-V-DC supply 25A