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Top of the line products in equipment and machinery building are based on dynamic drives that are increasingly being designed as closed-loop systems.  Depending on the physical requirements, these requirements are met by particularly robust and low-maintenance alternating current or brushless synchronous or asynchronous motors.

Single axis or multi axis solutions are the ideal solution depending on power range, number of axis and load profile. KEB COMBIVERT offers both:

  • The KEB COMBIVERT F5 A-Servo is used for smaller servo drives and is available up to 5 Nm. This compact device comes in two sizes with direct mains connection for 230 V and 400 V.
  • KEB COMBIVERT F5 Multi serves all common synchronous and asynchronous motors, compact direct drives or high-revolution spindle drives in the power range up to 900 kW. Frequency inverters KEB COMBIVERT Version S.C.L. (Sensorless Closed Loop) operate synchronous motors without feedback.


offers the optimum solution for all areas of multi-axis application with a modular design and direct coupling via intermediate circuit connections.