People in motion


Optimal interaction ...

... between motor and electronic drive is the foundation of excellent machine functionality. 

Servo motors are the ideal drives for dynamic applications with low inertias and high peak torques. Asynchronous motors are preferred in applications with high external load inertias must be safely controlled (in relation to the motor shaft in the control). 

The addition of a sensor system that is right for the application and the mechanical adjustment of torque and speed characteristics through the transmissions of the  systems results in all-in-one solutions for a variety of different requirements in machine and equipment building (optionally also available with brakes). 

Ready-made connections provide pre-tested, connection-ready systems with easy installation for quick start-up.

All default settings for the basic adjustment of control loops on the motor are included in the KEB COMBIVERT F5 Multi servo inverter series on the basis of factory-set parameters for synchronous and asynchronous motors in the device's firmware.

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