People in motion


COMBIVIS studio 6

Designed for industrial automation, COMBIVIS studio 6 has what the user wants when programming control systems.

KEB considered the investments in development customers must make when deciding to use the following standards: 

  • .NET framework
  • IEC 61131-3
  • PLC Open Motion Control


COMBIVIS studio HMI is a powerful programming environment for the creation and development of graphical user interfaces. It could be a plug in to the Integrated Development Environment such as COMBIVIS studio 6 that KEB propose as well as independent tool. When it is used as plug in, a KEB communication driver easily get all the variables from the controller, otherwise a wide range of driver can be selected. A project realised with BASIC or ADVANCED can be download for the Win CE and for Win 32 operation systems without any changes.

COMBIVIS connect

COMBIVIS connect is a plug in to the COMBIVIS studio 6 IDE that provides remote access. Created in cooperation with KEB family partners, COMBIVIS connect provides a wide range of powerful features to operate remote services on motion controlleres and HMI systeme via Ethernet- or serial-connections based on standard oeraptin platform as Windows XP and CE.