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Drive and control electronics, motors and gear drives, magnet technology: These are our three core business segments, and areas in which we maintain a high degree of development and production depth. It is our area of expertise - expertise that is also valued by KEB customers, as we have been successful in expanding our competencies to the benefit of machine and plant building in a targeted manner. Forty years of drive and control technology: In the area of electronics, these include frequency inverters, servo systems, drive controls, EMC technology, filter systems as well as industrial communication. The name KEB also stands for the electro-mechanics area. It includes the classic motor combinations with helical, helical bevel, shaft-mounted helical and helical worm gear units. The product spectrum of electro-magnetic technology comprises the segments electro-magnetic clutches and brakes, rectifiers and switching devices, spring-set brakes, permanent magnet brakes as well as clutch-brake combinations.

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