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KEB COMBISTOP – Holding brakes for wind power plants

Renewable energies are the current number one topic in the changing attitude of the society towards increased resource-conserving energy supply.

A substantial part of the hopes is placed on wind power plants to cover the energy demand. The technical development has led to a rapid performance improvement of the plants and after the first wave of onshore constructions, new projects aim increasingly to offshore installations, where constant good wind conditions and sufficient space exist. In addition existing onshore sites are upgraded with bigger turbines.

Highest demands are placed on the operational reliability of the installed equipment in the most difficult environment.

Everybody talks about driving – but just as important is the stopping, especially when safety-relevant tasks are involved.

From the outside not visible, electromagnetic fail-safe brakes on spring-applied basis fulfil this function on the drives for the housing (Yaw drive) or blade adjustment (pitch drive). 

With the series KEB COMBISTOP 28 KEB offers a program for torques up to 500 Nm, which is fully developed as a result of decades of experience in the field including designs up to protection class IP67. 

With the factory-setting the components are prepared for direct mounting – malfunctions due to installation or adjustment errors are constructional impossible. The brakes are optional available with function monitoring.

Moreover, the possibility for customization exists, developing solutions that are exactly tailored to the application.

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