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Who would have thought that the KEB rescue mission on the Hannover Fair end of April 2012 would be the start of an interesting cooperation with the S3 Racing Team, which today we are looking back on with pride.

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Before we introduce the S3 Racing Team, we would like to give you more details on the project Formula Student. The aim of this project is, to give students from all around the world the opportunity to put their theoretically acquired knowledge into practice. The challenge is to develop and completely built a formula racing car in accordance with the regulations of the Formula Student Germany and the strict technical and economical requirements in just one year. Finally the different solutions developed by the different teams shall be compared. 

The concept is based on different disciplines which have to be completed by each team and are awarded with points. Each team is divided into an economically and technically oriented group. The economically oriented group deals with the preparation of the so-called business plan taking into account cost efficiency, which is presented to a jury upon completion. In contrast the technically oriented group deals with technically oriented objects for analysis, which are evaluated within the scope of different disciplines on the racetrack. These include among other things the following evaluation criteria: design, construction, innovation, acceleration values, cornering speed and in addition to the pure performance also the energy consumption.

In the end the overall standings decide about the placing of the participating teams. Amongst others the highly motivated and competent team „Speeding Scientists Siegen e.V.“ in short S3, from the University Siegen met the challenge of the Formula Student. In search of a new drive system and a control for their annual giant project the S3 Racing Team discovered it on this year’s Hannover Fair. This team managed to infect us with the racing virus from the outset through their lively and professional presentation of the project concept. And as fate would have it, because of this first positive encounter we became the new partner of the S3 Racing Team.

The 3 S stand for

  • Speeding acceleration, tempo, speeding
  • Scientist   researcher, scientist, scholar
  • Siegen   city, stronghold and also the 
    German word for winning

as Mr. Winkelheide, one of our staff who experienced the project at first hand, described the three letters in his laudatory speech at the recently held Rollout-Event, where the completed electric racing car was presented to all participants for the first time. The team consists of students from the different departments of the University Siegen (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, business administration and media studies).

The students, who participate in this great project and meet the numerous challenges of this competition, have the great chance not only to demonstrate to the industrial world their capability but also to prove their innovative ability. Moreover, through their participation the students can acquire essential additional qualifications as well as soft-skills, which show in the teamwork, project management, leadership skills but also in the independent and self-dependent working. By establishing contacts to companies who act as sponsors for this project, long-term partnerships develop. Without the sponsorship and the help of partners in the technical realization of the project, there would not be an S3 Racing Team.

We gladly and without hesitation took on the main partnership role for the Formula Student project by equipping the S3 Racing Team with different components from our product portfolio for the Formula Student Electric Racing Car. For example, our primary product the frequency inverter F5 was used for the drive train of the racing car.

In addition to the sponsorship in form of material to meet the enormous material requirements in the development phase, we have supported the S3 Racing Team throughout the entire project time with our experts from the fields of application and development who stood ready to provide expertise at any time not only in case of problems but also in all other phases of the project.

Especially for us, as one of the many companies that in times of the demographic change is also affected by the growing shortage of skilled personnel, the participation in this project as main partner represents a fantastic opportunity to establish direct contact with dedicated, talented and motivated young people from the different departments, thus enabling us to build up a valuable pool of skilled specialists at an early stage and to secure it in the long-run for the future.

We greatly enjoyed the project and the teamwork with the S3 Racing Team! We are already looking forward to the continuation of our cooperation and wish the team every success for the upcoming events and races. May their work, the Formula Student Electric Racing Car, achieve the best results in the different disciplines and consequently be the best in 2013. The last standing achieved at a race in Spain, was a very good fourth place, which proves that it is worthwhile to participate in such projects in cooperation with motivated students and universities.

So once more, what does „Siegen” mean?

City, stronghold and winning…



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